What Steps Should You Follow for Planning Your Restaurant or Bar Fit-Out to Perfection?

Any construction or refurbishing project involves a significant outlay. Many homeowners in Australia find it tough to renovate their kitchens and bathrooms because of the costs involved. As such, it comes as no surprise that the cost for commercial projects will inevitably be much higher. Estimates suggest that fit-out rates can exceed a thousand dollars per square metre in some instances. Some fit-outs might be a lot more elaborate than others. Not surprisingly, these fit-outs could be even more expensive. Seldom do business owners have pockets deep enough to cover the expenses associated with expensive renovations and fit-outs. For these reasons, keeping the fit-out costs within your budget can be vital.

When you plan your restaurant or bar fit outs in Sydney or other places, ensure that you:

  • Know Your Requirements: Avoid designing your fit-outs without knowing what you want first. Determine the purpose of the fit-out. Following this, plan your fit-out accordingly.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses: You could reduce your fit-out expenses if the space for your fit-out does not require alterations or demolitions. This might not always be possible. In such situations, look for professional fit-out companies who can minimise the demolition work as much as possible, whilst altering the specifications of the base accordingly.
  • Utilise the Space Available Optimally: Opting for a modular design or arrangement could help you capitalise on the space available. Incorporate as few permanent fixtures or furniture as possible. This will give you ample flexibility in case you want to change the layout somewhere down the line.
  • Design the Fit-Out to Suit Your Brand: As mentioned earlier, ensure that the design of your fit-out reflects your brand and brand values (or philosophy) perfectly. Infuse your restaurant or bar interiors with colours, artwork and partitions that reflect your brand. At the same time, following a modular design will give you greater levels of flexibility. This could be important when you want to revamp the layout subsequently.
  • Don’t Neglect the Safety Aspect: Avoid taking any risks with the safety and well-being of your workers and customers. Restaurant and bar fit-outs will invariably feature freezer rooms and other power-consuming appliances. Ensure that the fit-out company heeds the prescribed safety regulations to keep your workers, your customers and your business safe at all times.