The Importance of Commercial Dishwashers in the Food Service Industry

When it comes to setting up and running a restaurant successfully, many people have different ideas about the best way to accomplish this objective. Some people look for the perfect location. Others focus on hiring the best chef, kitchen crew and wait staff. Similarly, some restaurant owners would rate purchasing quality restaurant catering equipment and tools above other elements. Each of these elements have their own importance. Having one (or even two) of these elements would not yield much benefit without having the third.


However, when it comes to selecting the right equipment and accessories for working in commercial kitchens, many restaurant owners prioritise the usual appliances. In many cases, they will not look beyond fridges, ovens, food processors, mixers, cold rooms etc. These individuals fail to realise that they will struggle to meet their customers’ demands without a proper dishwasher in the facility. After all, if the lack of clean plates prevents you from serving a customer, the food will simply become cold.


It can be worth highlighting that in contemporary times, the dining landscape has altered dramatically. No longer do people think of dining leisurely in quaint restaurants. Rather, they visit the best establishments in the vicinity, thereby making the dining landscape significantly fast-paced. As such, if you cannot serve your customers in time, they will take their business to another facility. This could dent the fortunes of your restaurant, as well as its reputation. So, if you want to eliminate inordinately lengthy waiting times for your customers, you will do well to procure quality commercial dishwashers.


Commercial kitchen owners need commercial dishwashers more than ever before because of their:


  • High Efficiency Levels: Commercial dishwashers can be twice as quick (and effective) as human dishwashers. These appliances can significantly reduce waiting times for your kitchen crew and your customers. The average dishwasher can take three minutes or less to wash an entire bunch of dirty dishes.


  • Better Cleaning Levels: Commercial dishwashers in Sydney and other places provide impeccable levels of cleaning and sanitation. They mix powerful rinse aids and detergents with hot water to remove food debris, grease and bacteria from dishes. After the washing and rinsing cycles, utensils also go through a sanitation process involving water heated at temperatures ranging from 80 – 85 degrees. Thus, the washed dishes become clean as well as hygienic for use.


  • Energy and Water Efficiency: Contemporary dishwashers consume lesser power and water. In conjunction, they can offer you sufficient savings in terms of utility expenses. Technological advancements have led to the emergence of dishwashers that can consume lesser resources without compromising on the quality of cleaning.


  • Durability and Flexibility: Buying a new commercial dishwasher can be a worthwhile investment. These appliances can work harder for longer. In addition, they can leave your staff free to deal with other activities in the kitchen.

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