The Pros and Cons of Purchasing Used Commercial Kitchen and Catering Equipment and Supplies

When you set up a new restaurant or catering business, you will apportion funds to meet various heads of expense. Purchasing a facility and embellishing it will consume a large portion of your capital. Similarly, hiring your staff, especially experienced chefs, and procuring the supplies necessary for your facility will be of immense importance too. It goes without saying that your facility will not see much success if you don’t hire experienced and qualified staff.

At the same time, even the best chefs could find themselves hampered by the lack of quality equipment and supplies. Owners of commercial kitchens often do not think twice about buying new appliances and equipment for their facilities. They know that this will involve a significant outlay. However, the merits of having new appliances to rely on can affect the fortunes of their business considerably. Hence, they will treat the expenses as investments and expect worthwhile returns in the years to come.

Unfortunately, not all owners of commercial kitchens have sufficient capital or limitless levels of funding. So, they need to spend their money with greater levels of caution and care. In many cases, these individuals will find themselves having to purchase used restaurant catering equipment and supplies. Used equipment and appliances will appeal to many smaller commercial kitchen owners because of their affordability. Unlike new appliances, used ones will typically cost about half the rate of a new appliance. As a result, these commercial kitchen owners will be able to purchase more used appliances with the same budget than they could have hoped to get if they bought brand-new appliances.

Having said that, buying used equipment will seldom be easy. To get optimal value for money, you will need to shop with a reputed and experienced supplier. In addition, you will need to check the appearance and the working condition of the appliance. Moreover, you will need to service the appliance to ensure that it doesn’t break down soon after the purchase. For these reasons, buying used commercial kitchen appliances can be risky.

On the positive side, buying used commercial kitchen equipment can enable you to get optimal value for your money. So, instead of getting four new appliances for a specific amount, you could end up getting six or seven used appliances. In addition, if you’re not keen to exhaust your budget by purchasing used equipment, you could return from your shopping with a significant amount of savings. For this, however, you will need to do your homework before you shop. As such, you will need to ascertain the best providers of quality used appliances in the vicinity.

Moreover, you will need to make a list of the appliances you need and prioritise their purchases based on the value they offer your facility. It can be worth mentioning that not all used kitchen appliances will be more than a few years old. In many cases, commercial kitchens and catering businesses wind up within the first couple of years. As a result, they offload their relatively new equipment at lower prices to the local suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment.

On the flipside, investing in used commercial food preparation equipment in Sydney or other places could be a costly proposition too. For instance, situations could arise where the appliance might be old and obsolete. Thus, if your staff works primarily on new appliances, figuring out how to use an old appliance might present some challenges. Similarly, used equipment will not feature new parts and components. Thus, situations might arise where some of the parts in the used appliance start malfunctioning or breaking down. The frequency with which such instances take place could soon increase, thereby increasing your downtime and repair expenses. On a more superficial note, the look or appearance of the appliance might be crucial too. Appliances such as display fridges come into the customers’ eyes more than other appliances. So, if you purchase a used appliance that your customers will use, ensure that it remains defect-free and clean.

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