Tips for Renting Commercial Cooking Appliances

Sometimes, it can be useful to consider renting your appliances rather than purchasing them outright. Many companies offer high-quality catering equipment on lease at affordable rates. Owners of catering businesses and restaurants could consider renting kitchen equipment because:

  • They need to pay rental fees only for the duration in which they use the appliances
  • Renting appliances nullifies the need for storage space
  • Renting appliances helps in minimising maintenance and repair expenses should the appliance break down and,
  • Some catering equipment (such as tablecloths) could lose their trendiness with time

So, if you want to hire a commercial microwave oven or any other equipment, ensure that you:

Select a reputed and well-established company for renting the appliances from

Consider the diverse ranges of brands and products offered by the company on rent i.e. does the company permit you to rent a dishwasher online etc. View demos and see the equipment before you lease i Assess the promptitude demonstrated by the company in terms of responding to your calls Understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement completely (including who maintains the product and at what frequency etc. Ascertain that the company giving the appliances on rent offers warranties on the equipment and, Confirm any hidden costs that might appear during the lifetime of the contract