Top 5 Little Known Features of Modern Commercial Kitchen Equipment

There’s a reason to rejoice for restaurant owners across Australia. Nowadays, commercial equipment market is jam-packed with some really cutting-edge equipment, such as SKOPE TME1000 upright (display) fridge and Goldstein GVCC1011 combi oven to serve the needs of modern restaurants and much more. Unlike traditional equipments that are usually designed to serve their basic purpose, today’s equipment, such as Hobart Ecomax 602 and Austune Turbo Air Refrigeration systems come with features you’ll surely want to incorporate in your restaurant.

1. Robust construction and unmatched energy efficiency – Apart from offering unparalleled functionality to the users, advanced equipment, such as Sanden SPU-1253 upright (display) fridge and Sanden Refrigeration systems are constructed using high quality material and proven engineering techniques for durability and energy efficiency. For instance, Hobart Ecomax 602 (dishwasher) is a state-of-the art hood type pass through dishwasher that is constructed in such a manner that minimal amount of heat and steam escape through it, and this in turn can save you substantial money on energy costs in the long run.

2. Exceptional Functionality – Contemporary equipments are geared towards improving the productivity of a commercial kitchen without sacrificing the precious space in it. Let’s try to grasp this concept with the help of crucial equipment. As a restaurant owner, you may be aware of the importance of oven in any commercial kitchen. From baking to roasting, a versatile oven can be used to accomplish a number of tasks in any kitchen. However, when it comes to attaining faster and more thorough cooking, nothing can beat a convection oven. Therefore, by just replacing your regular oven with a good quality combi oven, such as Goldstein GVCC1011 combi oven, you can get rid of wasted time and wasted food once and for all.

3. Highly efficient refrigeration – Gone are the days when refrigerators were used to be bulky and unsafe, modern refrigeration systems, such as Sanden SPU-1253 upright (display) fridge or Sanden YPC-120SR under bench fridge, are self-sufficient, visually stunning and most importantly, safe to operate. High quality insulation is used to maintain the right temperature inside the fridge to attain best possible energy efficiency. Ranging from pass-through to walk-in refrigerators, restaurant owners have a plethora of choices at their deposal these days.

4. Dishwashers with booster pumps – One of the basic problems with cheap dishwashers is that they are just incapable to reach the optimal temperature required to kill bacteria and properly clean the dishes. Moreover, they can’t get you rid of grease and oil clinging to the dishes. These greasy deposits over time can also clog your drainage systems. The best way to resolve the issue is to invest in a high quality dishwasher that comes with booster pump functionality, such as Hobart Ecomax 602. This simple step on your part will result in faster cleaning of dishware and lesser use of chemicals. That being said, it’s just a question of individual preference – If you are looking for dishwashers with cold rinse option, Washtech GM dishwasher is a great option for you.

5. Technologies to eliminate waste – As surprising as it may sound most restaurant owners don’t give a hoot about the waste generated in their restaurants every day. In order to get maximum return, every item of food you purchase for your restaurant should be utilized to get highest possible yield. While technologies, such as biodegrades and dehydrators can be used to get rid of the waste in a scientific way, the key to make substantial savings is to prevent unnecessary waste from being created in the first place. You can reduce waste in your kitchen by following some simple practices, such as training your staff to cut items in a way that they can be optimally used and buying food items in bulk to reduce food packaging waste, among others.