Types of Commercial Bakery Equipment

Just like any other culinary establishment, commercial bakery equipment is vast and varied. When planning to fit out your bakery, there are many pieces of equipment to include. Professional bakers will need commercial ovens, refrigerators, processing machines, and more for food preparation. They will also need display systems such as cabinets to entice customers to buy their delicious products.

This may seem a bit obvious, but you can’t start baking anything without a proper oven. Commercial ovens are essential to a professional bakery, there needs to be plenty of space to produce enough food to sell. There are a few types of baking ovens; small bakeries will use standard ovens with a couple of shelves, they work like home ovens with a stationary heating element. Larger operations will need commercial ovens, which may be deck, rack, or conveyor designs depending on the type of baked goods and quantity needed.

Commercial bakery equipment doesn’t just include the oven. Refrigeration is also essential for storing perishable ingredients like eggs, milk, butter, and fruit. These will usually be tall standalone units but some larger establishments will need dedicated cold rooms. Dough mixers, sheeters, and food processing units are needed to prepare pastries. Proofing cabinets are needed to create perfect conditions for yeast to rise before placing products into commercial ovens.

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