What Are the Aspects to Heed When You Shop for Ice Machines?

Whether you need a Hobart Ecomax 602 (dishwasher) or an ice machine, you’ll want to spend your money wisely. This will involve sourcing your equipment for reputed and experienced dealer and retailers. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to spend money on something that does not offer convenience or durability. People who run commercial kitchens often have a great idea of the dishes they want to offer and their target audience. But, their knowledge about commercial cooking appliances is not quite comprehensive. As such, these individuals will rely heavily on the knowledge of the retailer. This is why it’s important to purchase all the appliances you need from a knowledgeable retailer.

Each appliance in a commercial kitchen has its own features and merits. Therefore, when you shop for these appliances, you will need to consider certain specific aspects of the product. This is true for ice-making machines as well. When you shop for these machines, consider the:

  • Types of Ice You Require: Different ice machines produce different kinds of ice. Ascertain which kind of ice you require e.g. flake, gourmet, nugget, cubes etc. Thereafter, narrow down your range of options to the machines that make the ice you need.
  • Energy Efficiency: Whenever you purchase a commercial equipment such as a commercial microwave oven, you will consider its energy efficiency. This is because energy efficient machines will utilise power effectively. Thus, you will get an appliance that offers the desired levels of power. At the same time, you won’t need to worry about your power bills. Ice machines consume more energy for producing ice as opposed to storing it. So, purchase a unit with a large storage capacity. In addition, purchase units with Energy Star seals to ensure that the product is energy efficient.
  • Compressor: Air-cooled compressors use less water. In addition, they are affordable and energy efficient too. But, these ice machines will be noisy. They will produce some exhaust too. To mitigate this, you will need an air-conditioning system in the kitchen. Remote-cooled condensers will be separate from the ice unit. Thus, the installation costs of these machines will be higher. But, they will not be as noisy as the air-cooled or water-cooled units. In contrast, water-cooled condensers will increase your consumption of water. People typically use them in places that have higher temperatures. This is because air-cooled compressors won’t work as well in these areas.
  • Water Filter: It’s best to purchase a machine that features a water filter. These filters will eliminate contaminants (such as minerals) from reaching the system. These minerals could change the flavour of your beverages considerably. In addition, proper water filters could help you save on your energy costs. This is because these filters eliminate minerals and other contaminants at the outset. As such, they can prevent the build-up of sediments and mineral deposits, which could reduce the performance of the machine. Thus, the machine would be able to continue performing at optimum levels.
  • Size and Capacity: You wouldn’t purchase commercial food processors having the wrong size or capacity. This would only be counterproductive. Similarly, assess the amount of ice you want to store vis-à-vis the amount of space available in the kitchen. For large volumes of ice, opt for modular ice machines.
  • Speed: Ice makers with high production rates will produce new ice faster. As such, you will be able to keep up with the required supply levels easily. This is especially so when time is of the essence i.e. at peak times. Check the specifications to ascertain the volume of ice the machines can produce within 24 hours before making your purchase.