What are the Various Kinds of Commercial Mixers Typically Used in Restaurants?

Many shops sell commercial catering equipment like Baron combination ovens and commercial mixers. If you were to visit one such store for purchasing a commercial mixer, you might feel find it hard to decide which one to purchase. Today, there are numerous kinds of commercial mixers on offer. The most common of these typically include:

Planetary (or Vertical) Mixers: These mixers have agitators that turn on offset shafts. They also feature stationary mixing bowls. The motion of the agitators bears semblance to the manner in which the planets revolve around the sun. This is how these mixers got their names.

Spiral Mixers: These mixers comprise spiral-shaped agitators that remain stationary. However, the mixing bowls in these mixers revolve around the agitators. Unlike planetary mixers, these mixers do not have an assortment of agitator attachments. Despite this however, they are ideal for mixing large quantities of dough in minimal spans of time.

Vertical Cutter Mixers: These mixers have a large covered mixing bowl, a motor that has a high horsepower and a multi-purpose interior agitator. These appliances are ideal for bulk preparation of food, in minimal spans of time. In particular, cooks often use these mixers for a wide range of purposes including:
oMixing batters or sauces
oChopping nuts, bread and salad ingredients
oChopping cooked meat and,
oKneading dough