What Aspects Must You Heed When You’re Shopping for Commercial Fridges?

In Australia, the Sanden refrigeration units are among the most popular commercial refrigeration units. However, as mentioned earlier, there are several varieties of commercial fridges that you could purchase for your hotel or restaurant. Each category of commercial fridges offers various features and benefits. If you’re shopping for commercial refrigerators, you’ll probably need to reflect on the following aspects:

 The Type: As mentioned earlier, there are numerous varieties of commercial fridges. Some are ideal for using in bars, while others are perfect for use in delicatessens and cafes. Based on the kind of business you’re running, you will need to consider which kind of fridge you require.
 The Compressor: The compressor helps keep the fridge cool. Some fridges feature top-mounted compressors, while others have bottom-mounted compressors. Fridges with top-mounted compressors tend to last for longer. As such, they will have a relatively higher price tag. Heat tends to rise, so top-mounted compressors do not need to work as hard for removing the heat from within the fridge. In addition, because the exhaust blows out the warm air closer to the ceiling, the space surrounding the fridge continues to remain cool. Fridges with bottom-mounted compressors usually offer higher levels of storage. Because these are easier to reach, repairing these compressors is easier. But, these compressors expel the warm air near the floor. This tends to heat up the room much faster.
The Size: Manufacturers typically measure the size of commercial fridges in cubic feet. Purchase a fridge that has the capacity to hold everything you need. As such, when you purchase fridges online, you’ll need to ensure that you pick one that suits your needs the best.
The Energy Efficiency: Larger refrigerators will consume a lot of power. As such, you might end up paying a considerable amount of money towards your power consumption. To avoid this, it’s best to purchase energy efficient fridges. Purchase fridges that feature an ENERGY STAR rating. These appliances could help you reduce your energy costs by a considerable amount.
 The Casters: Moving refrigerators can be difficult. This is why you must consider investing in a fridge that comes with wheels. Installing these fridges is usually much easier. In addition, cleaning these fridges becomes very convenient too.
The Warranty: Reputed refrigerator brands typically offer warranties of up to three or more years. In addition, many of these companies feature a network of experienced technicians who can repair your fridges with minimal fuss.

If you plan to place your refrigerator in the middle of the room, ensure that you purchase a pass-through fridge. These fridges feature doors on both, the front and the back. As such, people standing on either side of these fridges would be able to reach in and get what they require, without having to walk around the fridge.