What Aspects Should You Consider When Purchasing a Commercial Blender?

Whenever you purchase a kitchen appliance, you will typically make a note of your specific requirements. Thereafter, you will check with other restaurant owners or suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment about which model you should invest in. Kitchen appliances usually come in a variety of models. Each model offers a specific set of features that attract both domestic and commercial users. For instance, when you purchase a dishwasher, you might well end up having to buy a Hobart Ecomax 602 (dishwasher) or a Washtech GM dishwasher. Both models offer a specific set of functionalities and features. Depending on your requirements, you could select one of the models that meets your needs the best.

Similarly, when you purchase a commercial blender, consider the following aspects:

The Power: When you purchase a blender with a higher wattage, you will get a blender that offers high performance levels
Variable Speeds: Blenders with variable speeds make it easier to chop, grind or blend various ingredients without overheating the unit
The Capacity: Buy a blender that is large enough to handle the biggest blending task that you have
The Accessories: Ensure that you purchase a blender that has the appropriate accessories based on the tasks you plan to use the blender for
The Controls: From dials to elevated buttons and from touchpads to flip switches, blender models offer a variety of controls. These make it easier to operate the unit. However, they could end up increasing the cost factor too. For instance, touchpads make it easier to clean the blender. But, they will make the unit slightly expensive as well.
The Durability: Purchase blenders that meet the purpose you have in mind. For instance, if you plan to use the blender for mixing frozen drinks, ensure that you purchase a unit that can crush ice easily without wearing out.
The Warranty: Check the duration of the warranty. In addition, read the fine print for understanding exactly what the warranty covers.