What Categories of Catering and Cooking Equipment Should a Restaurant Owner Consider Purchasing?

Catering businesses can be small or large. Similarly, restaurants can be large or small as well. The size of the facility typically depends on the capital that the business owner has. People with deeper pockets can afford to run larger establishments. Regardless of the size of the facility, you will need to select the right catering equipment and supplies. Doing so would make the food preparation and cooking activities much easier. As mentioned earlier, this could affect the profitability of the business too. However, there is a diverse range of cooking equipment currently on offer. Not many individuals will be able to purchase all the appliances and equipment when they are just setting up their business. Hence, they would need to pick the equipment they require prudently and carefully.

When you’re considering purchasing commercial cooking equipment, you’ll need to be aware of the kind of catering business that you want to start. Then, you’ll need to ascertain the kind of food that you plan to prepare and serve. Lastly, you’ll need to have an estimate of the number of customers that your outlet will be catering to. Once you’ve firmed up these aspects, then you can proceed to purchasing the equipment you require. In many cases, you will need to purchase:

  • Food Storage Equipment: Commercial refrigerators and freezers are necessary for storing your food items and ingredients. You could use these for keeping your food fresher for longer. In addition, these appliances make it easier for you to serve chilled beverages and drinks to your clients. Lastly, they are ideal for storing non-vegetarian products that could otherwise start becoming stale. Purchase the Sanden refrigeration units based on the number of customers you can attend. If you have the ability to cater to over 100 customers, consider purchasing walk-in refrigerators.
  • Food Preparation Equipment: This typically refers to all the items you use for preparing dishes. As such, it comprises all the appliances including commercial stoves, gas burners, convection ovens and deep fryers. This would include all the cookware that you require as well. For instance, it could include baking sheets, pots and pans etc. It is worth highlighting the merits of purchasing robust utensils. Opting for utensils having solid bases will make them last for much longer. Always consider the heat source you use when you purchase utensils. Other food preparation items could include cutting boards, knives, commercial mixers and blenders etc.
  • Food Delivery and Service Equipment: This usually refers to all the platters, serving utensils, plates, glasses, cutlery, table decorations, tables and chairs that you use.
  • Miscellaneous: Other items that you could require are dishwashers. These would help you to clean used and dirty dishes speedily. If your outlet experiences a high number of footfalls, consider investing in a robust unit. For instance, the Hobart Ecomax 602 (dishwasher) is a cost effective purchase. Also, consider whether you will require ice making machines etc.