What Commercial Kitchen Appliances Must You Purchase When You Start Your Restaurant?

Having the right appliances in your kitchen will have a considerable impact on your business. The best appliances will reduce the amount of time it takes you to serve your customers. In addition, it would ensure that your food remains wholesome and nutritious as well. As mentioned earlier, there are several kitchen appliances that you might want to purchase when you start your restaurant. However, only some of these are necessities, while you can consider purchasing others over some time. Therefore, prioritise the appliances you need when you go shopping.

Some of the essential equipment you would need to consider purchasing at the outset include:

Food Production Equipment: These items help you cook and produce food. This is why people also refer to them as cooking equipment. These would comprise:
oThe Cook-line Area: This would typically include a cooking range, one of the best ovens, commercial deep fryers, grills, broilers, steamers, steam kettles and condiment stands
oThe Dish-up Area: This would typically have plates, kitchen sinks, sandwich preparation tables, toasters, handwashing items and commercial microwave ovens
oThe Food Preparation Area: This area would be appropriate for your meat grinders, freezers, refrigerators, baker’s bins or tables, food cutters, preparation sinks, mixers and slicers
oThe Service Area: If you plan to serve 100 people or more, you will need a service area as well. This area would be useful to help your kitchen helpers put the final touches on the plate, while serving side orders such as soups, sandwiches, salads etc.
Dishwashing Equipment: This is necessary to ensure that all your utensils and other dishes are as clean as possible. A top-of-the-line dishwasher might be expensive. But, it will offer years of service. You could consider purchasing a dishwasher or leasing one. The Washtech GM dishwasher is one of the best products you should consider purchasing for your restaurant.
Storage Equipment: You could use a combination of various fridges and freezers. These would help in keeping your food products safe and fresh. Some restaurants might provide food items for purchase. In this scenario, you will need to consider purchasing a display refrigerator. The SKOPE TME1000 upright (display) fridge is one of the most popular display fridges at present. You might want to consider a walk-in fridge too. These fridges make it easier to organise and calculate your inventory.
Bar Equipment: If you’ve visited commercial bars, you might want to consider having a similar facility in your restaurant. It would be useful for generating additional revenue. To set up a bar, you could purchase a standard bar with a refrigerator beneath. Or, you could consider purchasing a custom-made bar from a reliable supplier. Typically, your bar would need to have a cash register, a three-compartment sink with drain boards, ice bins, soda dispensing systems, beer dispensing systems, wine coolers, glasses, a glass washer, mixers, commercial blenders, ice crushers, bottle openers etc. In addition, you will need ice machines like the Ice-O- Matic Ice Maker Machine or the Scotsman Ice machines as well.