What Commercial Kitchen Equipment is Absolutely Vital for Any Catering Business in Sydney and Other Places?

Setting up a restaurant of your own is hardly easy. You will first need to find a good location, from where you can operate. Then, you’ll need to build the facility or renovate it in such a manner that it looks attractive, warm and welcoming. Other activities on your plate will typically include recruiting the staff, managing the supply chain, marketing the restaurant etc. Unfortunately, in many cases, the success of your restaurant will ignore most of these aspects. Instead, it will focus primarily on the quality of the food and the service. Interestingly, both these aspects rely heavily on the food preparation equipment you’ve purchased for your Sydney restaurant.

If the quality of the food does not satisfy your customers, all the efforts you’ve invested in setting up the ambience will go in vain. Similarly, if your staff take inordinately long to deliver the orders to the customer’s table, no one will exhibit any interest in the helpfulness or friendliness of your staff. These facts serve to highlight the importance of investing in the best kitchen appliances.

If you were to take a casual walk along the neighbourhoods in Sydney, you would invariably come across a number of cafes, restaurants and commercial kitchens. In addition, it is worth mentioning that a new commercial kitchen opens for business almost every other day. This gives your prospective customers a wide range of options. But, this variety is only good for customers. So, if your food and service are not up to the acceptable standards, you can expect your customers to take their business elsewhere.

When it comes to providing flavourful food and impeccable services, no one can discount the value of commercial, kitchen appliances. To ensure that you make the right purchases, you will need to customise the kitchen to suit the type of cuisine that you intend to serve. But, you will still need to invest in some basic equipment such as:

  • Restaurant Ovens: No restaurant will be complete if it doesn’t feature an oven range. Ovens are essential for making all kinds of dishes – including desserts. Increasingly, people are demonstrating a preference for baked items as opposed to fried ones. In case you cannot afford a commercial oven, opt for an induction cooktop instead.
  • Commercial Fryers: Whether you offer French fries or other, more complicated fare, a fryer is essential in your commercial kitchen. Fryers come in an array of ranges and options. You will need to select one based on your specific requirements.
  • Grills: Many people have a preference for meat-based dishes. In this scenario, you will undoubtedly need a quality grill in addition to a combination oven. With grills, you’ll be able to make an array of dishes. Some grills come with removable tops too. In case you cannot afford a grill, you could consider making do with a gas stove top or an induction cooktop.
  • Refrigeration Units: Whether you want to store ice cream, fruits, vegetables or beverages, a refrigerating unit is a necessity. In many cases, owners of commercial kitchens purchase a variety of fridges to serve different purposes. It is always best to purchase quality refrigerating units that can last for several years. For instance, the Austune Turbo Air refrigeration units are quite popular in Sydney and other places.