What Configurations Do Commercial Ice-Making Machines Typically Feature?

When you decide to shop for restaurant ovens, you will find yourself inundated with the variety of options on offer. Naturally, you won’t end up purchasing all the kinds of ovens that you come across. This would be highly costly and impractical. For purchasing the right oven for their requirements, restaurant owners often look at the dishes they will be offering. Based on their menu, they will select the oven they need. For instance, if you’re running a pizzeria, you will require a specialist pizza oven. Or, you might prefer getting a conveyor oven. These ovens feature a conveyor belt that moves the food through the oven.

Similarly, when you shop for ice machines, you will come across several makes and models. When you don’t know much about any of these, you might find it hard to select the one that best meets your needs. Some of the most popular ice machine configurations that you might come across include:

  • Modular Ice Machine Heads: These denote cabinets or boxes that house all the ice making components within them. You’ll need to mount these heads on other equipment such as ice storage bins, ice dispenser units etc. These units are popular because you can repair or replace them without needing to remove the entire ice making system. Thus, once the ice machine head becomes defunct, you can mount a new modular head that utilises the other existing equipment.
  • Undercounter Ice Machines: These refer to all-in-one or self-contained ice machines. In these machines, all the ice making components and the storage bin reside within the same cabinet. Installers can easily fit these cabinets beneath standard commercial counters. The popularity of these units stems from their compactness. These units typically consume minimal floor and wall space. As a result, they enhance the efficiency of the restaurant. However, these units typically have low ice making capacities.
  • Ice Maker Dispensers: Just like other commercial cookery equipment, these units come in compact configurations. They typically include the ice making components in the cabinet along with small internal storage bins. In addition, these units also come with ice dispensing capabilities. In many cases, they will feature levers or buttons for activating the ice chute, which dispenses the ice directly into the glass. These units generally produce ice nuggets or flakes. Some units even come with water-dispensing features. Thus, these units will feature lever or sensor operated spouts.

It is worth mentioning that you might come across ice dispenser models in the commercial food equipment showroom. However, these models do not make ice. Instead, they only dispense ice. These units typically need a top-mounted ice machine head or top filled with ice produced by an ice machine.