What Equipment Will You Typically Need to Purchase for Your Commercial Kitchen or Catering Business?

The answer to this question will invariably lead you back to your menu. For instance, if you’re running a café, you will need to purchase an espresso machine. However, if you plan to serve pizzas only, you will require a high-quality pizza oven than an espresso machine. So, ensure that you look at the items on your menu and identify the appliances that you will need. Restaurant kitchens will need the right equipment for preparing the dishes. This means investing in heavy-duty equipment meant for commercial use, rather on domestic kitchen equipment. It is worth mentioning that commercial equipment can withstand rough use. As such, it will last you for much longer than domestic kitchen equipment. In many cases, commercial equipment will be able to withstand extreme hot and cold conditions. Thus, you won’t need to spend money towards replacing these items frequently.

Some of the top items that you might want to invest in for your commercial kitchen or catering business could include:

  • Electric or gas ovens (such as the range of Baron combination ovens)
  • Commercial fridges (including the Sanden SPU-1253 upright (display) fridge and the Sanden YPC-120SR underbench fridge)
  • Commercial freezers
  • Food preparation tables and work stations
  • Commercial dishwashers (such as the Washtech GM dishwasher)
  • Pasta boilers
  • ]Blenders
  • Grills
  • Commercial microwave ovens
  • Commercial toasters
  • A wide range of utensils including baking trays, casserole dishes, serving spoons, spatulas, peelers, potato mashers, a selection of knives, graters, chopping boards, sieves, colanders, corkscrews, tin openers, tongs, measuring jugs, scissors, scales and pots and pans of various sizes