What Factors Influence the Prices of Commercial Ice-Making Machines?

As mentioned earlier, ice-making machines are among the most essential appliances used in commercial kitchens. Contrary to popular opinion, shopping for commercial ice machines is not as challenging as it used to be either. In recent times, the arrival of the internet has made it easier for people to purchase ice-making machines or fridges online. A casual search on the internet will yield a diverse range of makes and models. Each of the machines will vary in price and features. The price of the ice-making machine will typically depend on the size of the unit and the features it offers.

Not all people managing a commercial kitchen have the wherewithal to purchase an expensive unit. This is because they often need to utilise substantial portions of their earnings towards meeting an array of other expenses. In this scenario, they could consider purchasing used ice-making machines. Or, they could consider checking to see if they can get these machines on cost effective leases. A more viable solution could well be that these individuals consider opting for a machine that offers the basic levels of functionality. Be as it may, the fact remains that the cost of these machines will typically depend on:

  • Their Daily Output: Commercial ice makers can produce approximately 25 – 700 kilograms of ice per day. Naturally, this means that the more ice you require from your unit, the higher its price will be.
  • The Kinds of Ice They Produce: As mentioned earlier, ice-making machines can produce different kinds of ice. This is why Scotsman ice machines are so popular these days. These machines can produce different kinds of ice very quickly. Ice-making machines that produce ice cubes or ice flakes are not very expensive. In contrast, if you want a machine that produces ice nuggets and gourmet ice, you will need to spend more money.
  • Their Condensers: Ice machines typically feature water-cooled, remoted-cooled or air-cooled condensers. Water-cooled condensers use cold water for keeping the machine cool and to produce ice. Naturally, this will require twice as much water as other condensers. Thus, your utility bills could increase accordingly. Air-cooled condensers emit cool air over the refrigeration lines to keep the machine cool. These condensers use little water. They are easy to install too. Their popularity stems from the fact that they are very cost efficient. Remote-cooled condensers blow cool air over the refrigeration lines to keep the machine cool. But, these condensers will usually be separate from the ice unit. As a result, the installation costs of these machines will be higher.
  • Their Features: The more features an ice machine has, the higher will be its cost. For instance, some ice machines come with self-cleaning features. This can be quite convenient. But, such units will have a slightly higher price tag as well.
  • Their Cost of Repair: Like any other cooking equipment, ice-making machines will invariably require maintenance and repairs. This is why it’s best to ascertain the price of replacement parts and labour at the time of purchase. In addition, assessing the easy availability of the replacement parts might also be useful at the time of purchase.