What Factors Must You Be Mindful of When Selecting Commercial Food Equipment?

Any city or town in Australia will have a variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels operating in it. From large establishments to smaller eating joints, each facility will use different kinds of food preparation and cooking equipment. This is why manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment usually offer appliances that come in all kinds of shapes, designs and sizes.

When you’re selecting the right appliances for your commercial kitchen, consider the following parameters:

  • Quality: Commercial catering equipment does not come cheap. Therefore, avoid the need to keep having to purchase various appliances and equipment frequently. Invest in high-quality restaurant ovens and commercial deep fryers. These might be more expensive. But, their durability will make them cost effective in the long run.
  • Safety: Purchase equipment that offers solutions to the numerous risks that exist in a normal kitchen environment. For instance, pick peelers and knives that feature a textured, non-slip material such as silicone. Similarly, purchase tongs that are at least 12 inches long and feature locks that eliminate the risk of sustaining burns from oil etc.
  • Utility: Whether traditional or modern, your kitchen equipment must offer ample utilitarian value. For instance, consider the immersion hand blender. This can mix just about anything with minimal fuss. Similarly, commercial mixers, food processors etc. can be useful for preparing a variety of dishes.
  • Versatility: Opt for versatile equipment that can make cooking easier and safer. For instance, a set of steel mixing bowls are sufficient for handling an assortment of tasks. At the same time, they don’t warp or stain easily either.