What Factors Should You Consider Before You Purchase a Commercial Mixer?

Purchasing dishwashers and fridges online has become a breeze these days. All you need to do is to visit the website of your favoured equipment supplier. Thereafter, you need to find the appliance you’re looking for and make your choice after comparing the features and prices of similar appliances. Making payments online is easy too. However, you must do the appropriate research before making your purchase. Otherwise, you could find that you have an appliance that does not give you the utility or functionality you seek.

When you purchase a commercial mixer, heed the following aspects:

The Ingredients You Plan to Mix: A mixer used for mixing pizza dough or bread will be quite different to a mixer used for mixing egg whites. Different types of mixtures will have different consistencies. Therefore, determine the absorption ratio i.e. pounds of water divided by pounds of flour) for your most common mixtures. A low absorption rate denotes a difficult dough to mix. Therefore, if your most common mixtures have low absorption rates, ensure that you get a mixer with a high horsepower motor.

Your Mixing Requirements: Mixers can usually withstand rough commercial use. However, consider purchasing:
oStandard duty mixers for mixing light ingredients like egg whites, whipped cream etc.
oMedium duty mixers for mixing slightly thicker dough and batter
oHeavy duty mixers that are ideal for mixing thick, heavy dough

The Volume of Mixture: Small restaurants might not require mixers as often as pizzerias or bakeries do. Therefore, select mixers based on the type of fare you offer. Bear in mind that the cooks would not be able to full the mixing bowl to the brim. Therefore, select a mixer that gives you an appropriate batch size for each mixture.

The Mixer Motor: Commercial mixers will function on gear-driven or belt-driven motors. The former are ideal for heavy duty mixing requirements. However, they will produce higher noise levels. In addition, they will require frequent maintenance too. The latter are ideal for less demanding jobs.