What Factors Should You Heed Before Purchasing Used Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

When you set up a restaurant or a catering business, you will inevitably need to spend a significant sum of money. Buying or leasing a property and revamping it to suit your requirements will be one of the major expenses you will need to bear. In addition, you will need to purchase your supplies and hire experienced workers and chefs as well. You might also need to pay a goodly sum of money towards obtaining the necessary licences, certificates and permits from the local regulatory authorities. It goes without saying that no commercial kitchen can flourish without the necessary commercial cooking supplies in Sydney or elsewhere. Hence, you will need to make a list of the supplies you require to become operational. However, commercial kitchen equipment will always be relatively expensive. Thus, at a time when your expenses easily surpass any earnings, you might not always have the funds you need to buy quality appliances and equipment for your kitchen. In this scenario, you could consider purchasing used commercial appliances until you can purchase new ones.


Purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment can help you save money. These appliances will be fit for use. And, they will come at remarkably affordable prices. So, you will not need to bust your budget in an attempt to get all the appliances you need. But, you will need to be prudent and cautious when you shop for used commercial kitchen appliances. Some of the aspects that you will do well to heed include:


  • The Appearance: Avoid buying used kitchen appliances if they are not clean. If you can spot the build-up of grease or moulds on the appliance, don’t even think about spending good money on it. Instead, shop for clean appliances that will last you for a year or two, if not longer.


  • The Functionality or Working Condition: Reputed suppliers of used commercial kitchen appliances will only stock functional appliances that can last for some years. Hence, it makes sense to purchase used appliances from established suppliers. If you overlook the importance of getting functional used appliances, you could find yourself spending even more money on servicing and repairing the machine.


  • The Date of Servicing: Suppliers of used commercial kitchen appliances will stock an array of equipment. Some of the bigger establishments might service and refurbish used appliances before putting them up for sale. In contrast, smaller set-ups might service the appliances after the purchase. Ensure that you know the date when the owners serviced the appliances last. Also, check for the warranties provided by the supplier. If possible, shop for used appliances at the facility of an established supplier. These facilities will usually offer annual maintenance services, whereby they will give all your appliances a proper servicing. Thus, by availing of these services, you can rest assured about the functionality of your appliances and making good use of them.


  • The Dimensions: The dimensions of large appliances (such as restaurant ovens) can be of vital importance. While designing your commercial kitchen, you will likely have assigned a space for your cooking range, ovens etc. Ensure that you note down the dimensions of such appliances carefully before you go shopping. Otherwise, you could end up with an appliance that does not fit into its designated space.

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