What Food Equipment Can No Restaurant Afford to Do Without?

The average person might feel that running a restaurant is one of the easiest jobs in the world. After all, the owner simply sits and monitors the activities going on in the facility. In some cases, the owner might sit at the till and collect payments. But, in many restaurants, a cashier could just as easily handle this task. Preparing the food is the responsibility of the chefs. Serving the customers is the responsibility of the restaurant staff. Thus, it would easily appear that the owner can sit back and let others tackle the activities taking place.

At the same time, it is the owner handles a number of other activities that usually take place in the background. For instance, it is the owner who needs to hire the staff, manage the supplies, deal with the finances, handle the regulatory requirements etc. All of these activities are essential for the smooth functioning of the establishment.

It is worth highlighting that focusing on the kitchen is one of the main responsibilities of the restaurant owner. For, the fortunes of many restaurants have often depended on the functioning of the kitchen. This is inevitable because a restaurant becomes successful based on the quality of the food it offers. Preparing quality fare is not going to be easy without quality restaurant catering equipment. So, restaurants with friendly staff, soothing ambiences and affordable prices cannot expect to be successful in case they offer sub-standard fare.

These days, restaurants are springing up in every alley in many Australian towns and cities. This has necessitated the need to customise the food that a facility offers its patrons. However, no restaurant can avoid offering various staples to its patrons either. This is why no restaurant can do without certain fundamental equipment such as:

  • Gas Hobs: These units offer superb levels of cooking power. They make it easier for chefs to produce evenly cooked dishes.
  • Char Grills: Not many restaurants can dare to offer dishes with a barbecue flavour without a barbecue. Those that do, invariably rely on char grills. Char grills enable chefs to produce delectable meat-based dishes that offer a smoky-charred flavour.
  • Commercial Ovens: Many commercial kitchens offer roasted, grilled or baked fare. In such facilities, having to work without a quality oven could be a significant challenge. Many people shy away from fried food these days for health reasons. This has led to an increase in baked fare, which necessitates the use of ovens. The Cobra oven ranges are quite popular in Sydney and other places. In case you’re facing space-related constraints, consider purchasing an induction cooktop.
  • Fryers: These appliances are vital for cooking simple fries to more complicated dishes. Suppliers of commercial cooking appliances offer a wide range of fryers to suit establishments of all sizes.
  • Coolers and Fridges: The domestic refrigerator might only be available in a few models. But, commercial units come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. From under-counter fridges to walk-in freezers, restaurant owners have a diverse range of cooling units to select from. These units serve to keep all kinds of foodstuffs fresher for longer.