What is Commercial Cookery Equipment?

The terms ‘commercial cookery equipment’ or ‘commercial catering equipment’ typically refer to a complete set of cooking equipment and appliances. These appliances are useful for preparing food in the kitchen. But, some appliances offer enhanced levels of functionality as well. Some kitchen equipment is essential for making the business efficient and well-organised. These appliances will typically speed up service times significantly. In any hotel or restaurant, customers expect prompt service and quality food. Thus, using these appliances helps contribute towards the success of the business. Restaurant ovens, refrigeration units and various utensils are example of commercial catering equipment.

Commercial catering equipment will be relatively more expensive. But, it will need to withstand the rigours of daily use. Consider the amount of food preparation that goes on in a commercial kitchen. Compare this with the scenario in any domestic kitchen. Clearly, the volume of food prepared in a commercial kitchen will surpass that of a regular kitchen. Clearly, domestic appliances and equipment will hardly be able to withstand rough use and the high volumes of food preparation that characterise a commercial kitchen. It is worth highlighting that commercial catering equipment could also be large in size. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you have ample space for placing these appliances in your facility. Buying an over-sized appliance could well be costly in more ways than one.