What is the Best Way for Commercial Kitchen Owners to Clean their Kitchen Equipment?

Purchasing commercial fridges online is easy. But, a new fridge will not look the same within some weeks. This is because commercial kitchens are not usually as clean as domestic kitchens are. Even the average household kitchen becomes messy once you start preparing dishes. Given the volume (and the diverse range) of dishes prepared in commercial kitchens, commercial kitchens will require extensive cleaning regularly. Splatters and spills could leave stains on the equipment. If you don’t clean these soon, it could end up causing build-ups. Most restaurant appliances and equipment will comprise stainless steel. To make these appliances as good as new, you’ll need to use strong cleaning agents and some scrubbing tools. By cleaning these appliances regularly, you will be able to increase the life of your equipment.

Splattered food and grease can lead to build-ups on your restaurant ovens. To clean these appliances:

  • Use a terry cloth and water for wiping away the loose dirt from the appliances
  • Wet the terry cloth first so that water does not damage the equipment
  • Always wipe with the grain of the equipment as rubbing against the grain could leave scratch marks on the appliances
  • Remove the dirt and grease stuck on the equipment with a mild detergent
  • Rub the areas lightly with a sponge for removing the build-up and,
  • Use a dry towel for drying the equipment and ensure that every edge is completely dry