What is the Best Way to Clean Your Commercial Kitchen?

The more you look after your belongings, the better the value that they will be able to offer. Similarly, if you look after your commercial kitchen appliances well, they will last you for much longer. This minor detail could yield significant savings. Purchasing a Sanden SPU-1253 upright (display) fridge or any other commercial kitchen appliance is not cheap. If your appliance were to suffer a break down, it would certainly impact your business. More importantly, it might make you incur hefty expenses towards repair. And, purchasing a new appliance might well be beyond your budget too. This is why it is essential for owners of commercial kitchens to devote ample time and attention towards keeping their facilities and their appliances clean and tidy.

Whether you run a large commercial kitchen or a smaller facility, you will need to ensure that it is clean. This is regardless of whether you clean it at the end of each shift or at the end of each day. The cleaner your facility is, the greater assurance it will give your customers about the quality of services they can expect from you. The best way for cleaning your commercial kitchen lies in segregating various activities into distinct compartments. These compartments could typically comprise your dishes, cooking areas, tables, floors and waste.

To make your facility clean for the next use:

  • Focus on the dishes and the sink area
    • Stack your dishes next to the sink and spray them with a hot jet to remove all leftover food (which your workers should discard as waste)
    • Invest in a quality Washtech GM dishwasher or wash each dish manually with a green scrub pad in hot soapy water, prior to rinsing the dish in a hot-water sink
    • Place each dish in another sink that contains cold water with a sanitising solution
    • Let the dishes drip dry in a staging area, before placing them in the appropriate shelves
  • Clean the tables, cutting boards and countertops
    • Spray each of these surfaces with a sanitising solution
    • Use a slightly damp cloth for wiping each of these surfaces and ensure that they are completely dry
  • Deal with your commercial cooking appliances appropriately
    • Similarly, scrub your grills with wire brushes once they are hot
    • Wipe all your stove tops with a damp rag and ensure that you remove all traces of spills and food particles
    • Wipe your Baron combination ovens with sponges or green scrubbing pads dipped in soapy water solutions
    • Ensure that all your food processors, mixers, grinders, juicers, microwave ovens, cooking ranges, commercial blenders and other appliances are perfectly clean to use the following day
  • Clean the floors thoroughly at the end of each shift or day
    • Mop the floor with a hot soapy water solution after you have swept the floor
    • Clean up any traces of excess soap with a mop dipped in fresh hot water
    • Let the floor air dry
  • Dispose of the waste accordingly
    • Avoid instances of trash overflows in the kitchen area as this could attract rats and other rodents
    • Ensure that you deposit all the trash each time your trash cans become full