What Kind of Bakeware Should You Invest in for Your New Café or Bakery?

Not all people who manage commercial kitchens set up and manage restaurants or hotels. Some individuals prefer setting up and managing bars and nightclubs. Others might prefer setting up cafes and patisseries. Similarly, some people might prefer running bakeries that offer a wide selection of baked goods. As mentioned earlier, setting up a new restaurant does not mean that you need to buy all the commercial kitchen equipment available. Instead, you will need to consider the fare that you’ll be offering your clients. Based on this, you will need to identify the equipment that you need to purchase. Therefore, if you plan to open a bakery or a café, you might need some specialist restaurant ovens. In addition, you will need to consider an assortment of other bakeware that your staff will typically require.


Whether you plan to bake cakes, cupcake muffins or dinner rolls, you will require quality bakeware to churn out superlative fare. Some of the bakeware that you will do well to procure include:


  • Cookie Sheets: These sheets comprise the same material used for making baking sheets i.e. aluminium. However, unlike baking sheets, cookie sheets do not feature rolled edges. Thus, they can be ideal for baking rolls and cookies. It can be worth mentioning that non-stick sheets could be useful as their darker colour ensures that cookies bake faster than normal. In addition, the non-stick surfaces of these sheets can be easy to clean as well.


  • Cake Pans: Cake pans come in a wide selection of sizes and shapes. Buy a set of cake pans in different sizes and shapes based on the goodies you plan to offer.


  • Quart Stand Mixers: Whether you plan to make pizzas or bread, you will need this appliance. It enables you to make the right quantity of pizza dough and breads.


  • Measuring Cups, Spoons and Spatulas: Measuring the right amount of ingredients to bake a cake or bread can be very important. Hence, having a collection of measuring cups and spoons featuring sturdy handles and easy-to-read measurements can be vital. Similarly, obtain sturdy spatulas that do not bend under the weight of the dough. An angled or offset spatula might be useful as well. It can enable you to smooth cake batter, loosen cakes and cookies from the baking pan etc.


  • Heavy Gauge Baking Sheets: Bakers often prefer using heavy-duty aluminium sheets because these sheets neither warp nor buckle. They can facilitate the even distribution of heat too.


  • Metallic Mixing Bowls: Select an assortment of metallic mixing bowls with anti-slip bases in different sizes. These can be quite handy for baking an assortment of cakes, breads and cookies.


  • Cooling Racks: When you shop for commercial cooking supplies in Sydney or elsewhere, don’t forget to buy sufficient cooling racks. These racks can be useful if you bake frequently. After all, they enable you to cool cakes and cookies. But, you could also use them for draining breaded chicken cutlets etc.


  • Whisks: This inexpensive tool plays a vital role in blending large quantities of liquid ingredients. It can also help you sift various dry ingredients easily. Larger whisks simplify the process of folding sugar into beaten egg whites without deflating them. Similarly, smaller ones can emulsify dressing ingredients or break up a few eggs with minimal fuss.

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