What Kinds of Accessories Would You Typically Need for Your Commercial Fryer?

When it comes to cooking equipment used in a commercial kitchen, fryers are quite indispensable. They can help you whip up a mouth-watering array of snacks and other food items with minimal fuss. When you start looking around for commercial fryers, you’ll probably come across a diverse range of brands and models. At this point, you’ll need to consider your specific requirements. In addition, you’ll need to look at the merits and cost of each kind of fryer that seems appealing.

However, fryers do not usually work in isolation. In many cases, you’ll probably need a number of accessories to make your frying activities easier and safer. With these accessories, you’ll be able to ensure that all your food items are properly cooked. Some of the most common fryer accessories that you might want to purchase include:

  • Slicing or Shredding Blades: Commercial fryers typically require medium shredding or slicing blades. With slicing blades, you’ll be able to make wide and flat ribbons of the foodstuffs. With shredding blades, you’ll be able to slice the ribbons lengthwise as well. The combination will yield curly fries that will enhance the visual presentation of the food, as well as its taste.
  • Skimmer Baskets: Sanden refrigeration units are ideal for storing your food, ingredients and drinks. Similarly, fryers are useful for frying food items in oil. With skimmer baskets, you’ll be able to remove the food from the hot oil very easily. You could use the skimmer for scooping or stirring as well.
  • Filter Cones: Many restaurant owners use these for enhancing the life of their fryer oil. These cones typically come in packs of 50 or more. You’ll need to drain the warm oil into the filter cone. Once you’ve filtered the oil, you can place it back in the fryer. The use of filter cones eliminates the smoke and unpleasant tastes from items you’ve fried earlier in the same oil.
  • Filter Cone Holders: These are essential for holding the cones properly. Many commercial kitchen owners purchase these when they shop for restaurant ovens and commercial fryers. In particular, they purchase chrome-plated steel oil filter holders. This is because these holders are durable. Once you’ve drained the warm oil into the filter cone, place the holder and the cone back into the fryer.
  • Fry Baskets: Many meals become better with various side dishes such as French fries. With fry baskets, you’ll be able to cook fries the way you want to for any meal.

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