What Kinds of Cooking Equipment Should You Consider Purchasing for Your Catering Business?

Many retailers in Australia offer high-quality commercial grade kitchen equipment. A casual visit to these facilities will yield the immense range of options available. Commercial grade kitchen equipment typically comprises numerous brands and models. Each of these has its own features, merits and costs. It is worth highlighting that you won’t need to purchase all the necessary appliances upfront. Commercial kitchen equipment can be very expensive. When you’re starting a catering business, you might not have the financial resources available to purchase all these items at one go. Therefore, it makes sense to prioritise the equipment that you won’t be able to do without and purchase those first. As your business starts generating money, you could consider purchasing other appliances that you might require.

Commercial catering equipment can be as small as the cutlery you use to as large as a SKOPE TME1000 upright (display) fridge. Therefore, you’ll need to plan well before you make your purchases. You’ll need to ensure that you’ve got adequate quantities of plates, cutlery and other essential items. In addition, you’ll need to ensure that you have sufficient funds for purchasing the appliances that you require. Some of the items that you should consider purchasing include:

  • Food preparing equipment such as catering taps and sinks, exhaust hoods, vegetable cutters, stick blenders, food processors, food slicers, potato peelers etc.
  • Food service equipment such as trolleys, plate warmers, hot platers, hot buffet displays, food displays etc.
  • Food storage equipment such as base cabinets, storage wall units, storage racks, refrigerators etc.
  • Equipment for serving beverages such as commercial bars and blenders, espresso coffee machines, water boilers, catering urns, filter coffee machines etc.
  • Miscellaneous items such as food coolers and warmers, bar glass chillers etc