What Kinds of Ice Can Commercial Ice-Making Machines Typically Produce?

Many people feel that ice usually comes in large and heavy slabs. These slabs typically come into use in large, commercial grade freezers and chillers. The objective of these large slabs is to keep perishable food items fresher for longer. However, many suppliers provide smaller slabs of ice too. In many cases, these slabs are meant for consumption. Workers in commercial restaurants and hotels will typically use ice picks for breaking these slabs into smaller fragments. Thereafter, they will store or use the smaller fragments while preparing iced drinks. The domestic kitchen fridges that are a staple in many homes in Australia typically produce ice cubes. However, the volume of ice that these fridges produce will not be sufficient in a commercial kitchen. As a result, owners of hotels and restaurants will usually invest in various ice-making machines. These machines will not only produce the quantity of ice that these facilities generally require. They will feature the ability to produce different kinds of ice as well.

Some of the different kinds of ice that ice-making machines can produce include:

  • Ice Nuggets: Ice nuggets tend to be soft and chewy. They are very popular in restaurants and cafes. This is because they can retain the flavour of the drink that waiters typically serve them with. Ice nuggets do not stick to each other. In addition, they can last for a pretty long time in any drink. Ice nuggets are ideal for serving with carbonated drinks and blended cocktails. They are ideal for use in salad bars as well.
  • Ice Flakes: People often use ice flakes in snow cones. This makes the ice look good. More importantly, it helps in preserving the food on display too. Ice flakes are ideal for display purposes. This is because they help in maintaining the hydration of the food more consistently over longer stretches of time. In addition, many people use ice flakes for transporting perishable food items. In restaurants, the softness and flakiness of the ice flake makes it ideal for using in blended drinks.
  • Ice Cubes: Just about any Sanden refrigeration unit will be able to produce the regular ice cubes you need. These cubes are ideal for almost any kind of drink. In addition, these cubes serve to make chilled drinks even cooler. They melt slowly as well. This makes them quite popular in the food service industry.
  • Ice Half Cubes: Half cubes denote ice cubes that are half the size of the regular ice cubes. In many cases, the shapes of these cubes resembles butter pats. These cubes are easy to handle and dispense. In addition, they blend well in an assortment of drinks too. In restaurants and bars, these half cubes are ideal for serving in mixed cocktails, iced coffee or tea etc.
  • Ice Crescents: This ice typically has the shape of a half moon. Its unique shape enables liquid to flow easily over it. In addition, ice crescents do not pack together either. This results in lesser splash and better displacement when used in beverages. The unique shape of this ice also facilitates optimum storage in the ice bin. Ice crescents are an ideal accompaniment with soft drinks.
  • Gourmet Ice Cubes: These cubes are ideal for special occasions. This is because these cubes have shapes that look like small shot glasses. The attractiveness of the shape of this crystal-clear ice makes it highly popular. This is why many upscale restaurants and banquet or catering services provide these ice cubes. This ice tends to melt slowly. So, it will not dilute the flavour of the drink. In addition, it is clear and odourless too.