What Should You Be Mindful of When Purchasing Commercial Food Equipment?

As mentioned earlier, commercial catering equipment does not come cheap. In addition, many of these items will be large in size as well. Catering equipment comes in a diverse range of brands, models and sizes. Selecting the wrong item could well be counterproductive. For instance, you might end up purchasing an appliance that you do not require. Or, you could end up purchasing an appliance that is larger than the space you have in your restaurant. Alternatively, you might decide to purchase low-quality equipment to save some money. But, it might not last for very long. As such, you could find yourself spending more money to purchase a replacement.

When you purchase a Sanden YPC-120SR underbench fridge and any other commercial catering equipment, be aware of the following aspects:

  • Your Operations: You’ll need to estimate the maximum amount of people that you’ll be catering for. This will be instrumental in understanding the size and specification of the equipment you need. You’ll need to be determine the items you want to offer on your menu too. For instance, if you plan to provide pizzas only, you’ll need ovens of a specific size. In this scenario, purchasing large-size ovens would hardly be appropriate.
  • The Space Available: If your restaurant is not large in size, purchasing a massive oven will hardly be worthwhile. It will consume more space than a smaller unit does. In addition, it could block the walking or working areas in your restaurant too. This could make it very inconvenient for your staff when they are preparing meals. It is worth highlighting that the amount of space you have will influence the size, the type and number of kitchen equipment you purchase. Larger restaurants have the leeway of purchasing multiple units or large-sized ones. Smaller outlets will need to pick something commensurate with the amount of space available in their facilities.
  • The Quality: It always pays to spend a little more for purchasing quality equipment. Such appliances will typically offer high levels of durability. In addition, they won’t breakdown very frequently too. For instance, the Ice-O- Matic Ice Maker Machine is one of the best products in its category.
  • Your Budget: Commercial catering equipment typically varies in size and cost. This is why it’s important to select the right appliance based on your budget. This could help you get the best value for your money. In many cases, it’s best to strike a balance between the cost and quality of each equipment you purchase. Smaller restaurant owners might need to consider purchasing used commercial equipment. From commercial deep fryers to ovens, you could find reliable used appliances at a fraction of the cost of brand new ones.