When Should You Consider Replacing Your Old Dishwasher with a Newer Model?

Some people overlook the importance of taking proper care of their dishwashers. They feel that because such appliances clean dishware and glassware, the dishwasher will be clean by itself. Certainly, some dishwashers come with self-cleaning features. But, in case you have not purchased such a model, you will need to clean your dishwasher manually. Dishwashers will usually break down because of technical problems. Alternatively, the inefficiency of the commercial dishwasher in your Sydney restaurant could lead you to replace it. Or, if your foodservice establishment expands, you could well find that your existing dishwasher cannot keep pace with the increased demands.


Ideally, most commercial dishwashers can last for 10 years or thereabouts. But, if you find yourself coming across certain indicators, you might need to consider replacing your old dishwasher with a contemporary model. Some signs that the time could be ripe for replacing your existing dishwasher include:


  • Evident Signs of Wear and Tear: A leaking tank might indicate worn out welding in the dishwasher. Similarly, the leakage of water could serve to damage some of the other components in the appliance.


  • Malfunctioning or Improper Controls: On occasions, the controls of the dishwasher might not function properly. Or, if you find that the pump pressure does not seem to be as good as it used to be, you might want to replace the unit altogether.


  • Regular Leakage Issues: Regular leaks usually denote signs of wear and tear. A leakage beneath the machine could indicate worn or damaged hoses and internal fittings.


  • Inconsistent Results: A dishwasher that has been yielding inconsistent results can be a key indicator of a faulty unit. However, you will need to have a keen eye for detail to be able to tell whether the unit could be past its prime. If you find yourself having to regularly rewash dishes, it could indicate that the machine has not been operating at its full capacity. In the food service sector, you cannot afford to serve your customers on improperly cleaned plates and dishes. This could result in the revocation of your licence or in the levying of a rigorous penalty.


  • The Presence of Newer Models: You might have bought your dishwasher along with your commercial ice machines in Sydney or elsewhere several years ago. However, technological advancements have brought about several newer models of appliances that save time, energy and precious resources. In particular, dishwashers that offer energy and water efficiency could end up catching your eye with the numerous benefits and features they offer. It goes without saying that older appliances will not function as well as they did over time. So, if you feel that the time could be ripe to replace an ageing dishwashing unit, investing in a new model could be worthwhile.


  • Increased Service Calls And / Or Higher Repair Costs: If you find that your old dishwasher has been breaking down more frequently of late, it might be time to purchase a new one. As dishwashing units age, the cost of repairs could become significantly higher. Eventually, the cost of repairs will be too prohibitive to consider. So, replacing the unit before it breaks down entirely might be an option worth considering.

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