Which Parameters Can Be Important When You Go Shopping for Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Setting up a restaurant or creating a commercial kitchen will never be an easy venture. A myriad of details goes into such a project, with each one demanding your constant attention. Some restaurant owners will devote significant time and energy towards embellishing the interiors of their establishments. Others will channelize their energies towards figuring out all the items they want their menus to feature. Similarly, some individuals will want to focus on acquiring the right commercial kitchen equipment for their Sydney restaurants and catering businesses. It goes without saying that each of these aspects have their own importance. But, spending more time on one and overlooking the other could well be counterproductive. Hence, you will need to focus on one aspect at a time, when you think of starting your own restaurant. This also holds true for the occasions when you prepare a list of all the appliances and equipment you need in your commercial kitchen.


To set up your commercial kitchen perfectly, ensure that you utilise the space available optimally. Using the space available well can assume great significance – especially in smaller restaurants and eateries. In such cases, you will need to organise things well. Only then will you be able to utilise the space on offer to its full capacity. You will also need to prepare a detailed plan for the commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens often feature various stations and work zones such as prep stations, reheating stations, pizza stations etc. Your menu will help you ascertain the zones (and the appliances) that your commercial kitchen requires. Before you start thinking of shopping for commercial kitchen equipment, ensure that you get some details right. You will need to designate spaces for all the appliances that you plan to use in the kitchen. In particular, this can be very important for the large and bulky appliances such as cooking ranges, ovens, fridges etc. Measure the dimensions of the designated spaces. Thereafter, take the measurements with you when you shop for these appliances. Buying a fridge or an oven that doesn’t fit in its designated space could be quite problematic subsequently.


Following this, you will need to:


  • Familiarise Yourself with the Prescribed Health Codes: Failing to meet the prescribed health codes could be disastrous for your restaurant. It could end in your having to pay hefty fines and penalties. So, you will need to familiarise yourself with the local building, health, fire and other applicable codes.


  • Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances: The Sanden refrigeration units sold in Sydney and other places have become popular for their energy efficiency, among other features. Commercial kitchens typically have several appliances working at the same time. Many of these consume large amounts of power and other resources. Energy-efficient appliances can help you save on energy expenses over time as they consume lesser power than older appliances.


  • Check the Warranties Provided: Not many people bother to read the fine print when they purchase appliances for their kitchens. However, glossing over this could be a blunder. Check the warranties provided with the appliances. Ascertain the duration of the warranty period, things that could nullify the warranty and the process for handling repairs under the warranty etc. Warranties can save you a lot of money over the life of the appliance. Hence, it becomes imperative to go through them with a toothcomb.


  • Shop with Reputed and Established Suppliers: Finding suppliers of commercial kitchen appliances has become easier on the internet. But, this doesn’t mean that you should purchase your supplies from the first name listed in the search results. Take the time to identify the suppliers who have years of experience in the industry. These suppliers will not only offer a diverse selection of appliances in terms of features and prices. They will offer various cost-effective and convenient services as well.

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