Who Makes and Suppliers Commercial Catering Equipment and Who Purchases It?

Dining out has become a trend of sorts throughout the world. People routinely have their get-togethers and dinners at their favourite hotels and restaurants. Similarly, they often conduct bigger bashes as well. In the corporate world, organising dinners and offsite get-togethers is commonplace. These activities help the employees of the organisation interact with each other away from work. This helps in the creation of constructive and stronger bonds. Given this backdrop, it becomes easier to understand the consumer profiles of commercial cooking equipment. Consumers purchasing items such as the Sanden SPU-1253 upright (display) fridge and other appliances would typically comprise:

Restaurant and hotel chains
The local authorities
Pubs and bars
Takeaway joints
Schools and,
Catering businesses

Suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment often mass-produce it. For instance, the company responsible for manufacturing the SKOPE TME1000 upright (display) fridge will produce it in ample quantities. However, if the restaurant owner requires some niche equipment, the individual will need to have it made-to-order. Many manufacturers produce this equipment in varying degrees of quality and prices. Some of these manufacturers enable customers to purchase these appliances directly from them. Others prefer to route their sales via third-party outlets and suppliers. As such, many local dealers will exhibit these products in their showrooms. If any customer exhibits an interest in purchasing the item, the dealers will provide demos (if needed) and any instructions.

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