Why Your Commercial Kitchen Cannot Do Without a Quality Commercial Oven

Before setting up your new restaurant or catering business, you will likely make a list of all the appliances and equipment you need. In many cases, refrigerators, freezers, chillers, cooking ranges and ovens will appear at the top of the list. This high ranking attests to the immense value and importance of these appliances. Seldom, if at all, will a commercial kitchen be able to function properly without a good oven or fridge.


However, some newcomers in the food service industry might gloss over the importance of commercial ovens. To save money, they could even make the mistake of purchasing a domestic oven and use it in a commercial environment. It goes without saying that the domestic oven will function properly even in the commercial setting. In addition, the initial savings might also seem worthwhile and attractive. But, commercial ovens can withstand rough and heavy use. Moreover, they offer greater levels of controls and features as well. And, their higher production capacities make them tower over their domestic counterparts. Not surprisingly, restaurant owners don’t think twice about buying commercial ovens such as the Fagor oven range equipment in Sydney and other places.


To ensure that you do not make the same mistake that other restaurant owners do, ensure that you purchase a high-quality commercial oven. Your commercial oven will offer you immense value throughout its lifespan. With a commercial oven in your facility, you will be able to:


  • Use the machine for longer hours for high-temperature cooking because the commercial oven features heavy-duty insulation that keeps the handles cool to the touch at all times
  • Get an appliance that can take the stress and rigour associated with commercial kitchens and still last you for several years
  • Minimise the risks associated with using domestic ovens in commercial environments such as fires, breakdowns etc.
  • Avoid the hassles that come with manufacturers not honouring the warranties on the oven because you used a domestic oven in a commercial environment
    • It can be worth mentioning that domestic ovens will seldom be able to withstand the rough use they go through in commercial kitchens, which can cause them to malfunction and breakdown frequently
  • Produce a wide range of baked dishes because commercial ovens have the versatility needed to produce sumptuous steaks, pizzas, breads etc.
    • Commercial ovens in Sydney and other places also come in specialised models such as pizza ovens, rotisserie ovens etc. that enable you to come up with quality dishes cooked to perfection
  • Handle larger volumes of food than any domestic oven will be able to offer especially as manufacturers design commercial ovens to accommodate larger sheet pans and trays unlike domestic ovens and,
  • Reduce the time it takes for the oven to cook the food evenly because manufacturers typically design commercial ovens to provide additional levels of heat efficiently

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