Established for over 30 years, CHANNON are the largest Hotel and Club specialist in New South Wales for your Beer System requirements.

We have worked on beer plumbing for many years and can design, supply, install or service beer plumbing, and always at a very reasonable and competitive costs.

Our Beer Systems are designed and engineered to your establishment’s specific requirements. In particular, CHANNON specialise in Glycol Beer Reticulation Systems supported by Lancer/All bar Equipment.

We can design a user friendly cellar and beer system which will greatly reduce wastage and increase sales.

Some of the Services that Channon offer include:

  • 24hr breakdown
  • Refrigeration Technicians
  • Beer Plumbers
  • Maintenance Service
  • Automatic Beer Cleaning System
  • Tap Servicing
  • Regulator Service & Replacement
  • Spare parts
  • Staff Training