Commercial kitchen fit outA Heartbeat in Your Business: The Role of Commercial Kitchen Fit Outs

Every food business knows that its heartbeat lies within its commercial kitchen fit outs. This core belief drives us at CHANNON to bring a wealth of experience into crafting tailor-made kitchens and food service areas. We keep both your unique needs and budget firmly in mind throughout the process.

From an Idea to a Complete Kitchen: The CHANNON Process

We at CHANNON believe in taking your project from concept to reality. We delve into the design, invest in manufacturing, and perform installation and commissioning with the utmost care. It doesn’t stop there; we are committed to providing high-level customer care beyond the project completion.

A Single Solution Provider: Meeting all Your Needs

In today’s fast-paced world, most clients appreciate a one-stop solution. They seek a contractor who can not only assist with design and installation but can also take the helm in project management. CHANNON is ready to fill that role. Whether you’ve chosen an architect or prefer us to handle everything, we’re here for you.

Food Safety, OH&S Standards, and Workflows: Our Top Priorities

Our vast experience has ingrained in us a deep understanding of kitchen workflows. Thus, we design your equipment to suit your menu, never compromising on Food Safety or OH&S Standards. Our commitment ensures our commercial kitchen fit-outs adhere to Australian Standards.

Transforming Spaces, Transforming Businesses: CHANNON’s Expertise

We’re proud to have created inspiring spaces for some of the industry’s biggest names. Our portfolio includes transformed kitchens and eateries from well-known restaurants, companies, and organizations across the country. We’re ready to do the same for you.

The CHANNON Difference: It’s all in the Details

What sets CHANNON apart is our intuitive approach, our courage to think differently, and our focus on the seemingly small things that have a substantial impact. We strive for ‘best value’ to satisfy budgets. Moreover, we build longevity into each design, acknowledging that kitchen upgrades are seldom repeated, so they need to last.

Building Your Reputation: The Importance of Design and Cleanliness

A well-designed, easy-to-clean food service point can significantly enhance your business reputation. It can send a message of your commitment to outstanding food and stellar service. At CHANNON, we ensure that your commercial kitchen fit-outs help create this powerful impression.

Our Commitment to Training and Support: The Final Touch

At CHANNON, we believe in empowering your team to utilize their new space effectively. We offer free training on all equipment, along with continuous support. This commitment ensures you can maintain high standards of food safety and service even after the completion of the project.

By choosing CHANNON, you are investing in quality, efficiency, and a partner who cares about your business as much as you do. Trust us with your commercial kitchen fit-outs and watch your food business thrive.