Channon has been a specialist for the Café & Small Business community since the 70’s offering a quality service to our customers encompassing, but not restricted to, the following services:

  • Design and construct – Consultation Services including layout plans, CAD drawings etc
  • Assistance with DA Approval
  • Assistance with Finance as required
  • Total Management of all Project disciplines including sub-contractors as appropriate
  • Onsite inspections and advice on layout, services etc
  • Kitchen Design
  • Advice and Specification on Commercial Refrigeration & Catering Equipment required
  • In house stainless steel Fabrication capability including, but not limited to, benching, shelving etc and not to mention custom refrigeration if required
  • Experts in all aspects of Refrigeration and Beer Plumbing including installation
  • Training and Commissioning on all Equipments, normally Free of charge

In summary, Channon has built its reputation in this sphere on 5 basic fundamentals;

Service, Communication, Workmanship Quality, Equipment Reliability & Support and Affordability.