In the last decade Channon Refrigeration has moved into Stainless Steel Fabrication. We have our own on and off-site capability where we are able to augment our Design Service and Projects by providing the quality Stainless Steel fabrication work required as well as the ability to custom build various products over the years. The Company’s experience and resources have been responsible for the innovative design and manufacture of equipment for all aspects of the Hospitality Industry including the development of the “Channon 2000 Series Cabinets” which have revolutionised the hospitality industry through the design of flush self closing doors. While the Company’s speciality is one-off custom made products, it is also geared for a multitude of tasks including mass production of many products to the adaptation of such things as stainless benches on-site in order to facilitate the install of new equipment. In recent times the ability to manufacture custom designed benchwork to match the profile of supplied cooking equipment has increased the quality of finish in Commercial Kitchen Fit Out’s.

Channon Refrigeration can custom fabricate a wide variety of stainless steel splash backs to meet your requirements. Whether it be for a large commercial kitchen, café or residential, no job is too small. Our professional team will site measure and install to your meet varied needs. Channon Refrigeration manufacture and install stainless steel benches and sinks to a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our skilled tradesmen have years of experience to ensure a high quality finish for even the most difficult projects. We can fabricate to your sizes or site measure if required. Channon Refrigeration supply a wide variety of exhaust hoods from standard honeycomb filters to high velocity, low volume type hoods. We can also provide ventilation to suit your needs. From the small Café to the largest Commercial Kitchen we will provide you with a cost effective solution to suit your needs.