stainless steel fabricationCHANNON: Setting Standards in Stainless Steel Fabrication

For the past ten years, Channon Refrigeration has branched out into the field of stainless steel fabrication. We offer both on-site and off-site capabilities, enhancing our design services and projects with high-quality stainless steel work. This initiative empowers us to custom-build various products in line with evolving needs.

The Game-Changer: CHANNON 2000 Series Cabinets

Driven by our resourceful approach and vast experience, we’ve innovated new designs and manufacturing processes for the hospitality industry. The “Channon 2000 Series Cabinets” stand out as a pioneering product, transforming the industry with the novel design of flush self-closing doors.

From Custom Products to Mass Production: CHANNON’s Fabrication Flexibility

While our forte lies in crafting unique, custom-made products, we also have the resources for mass production tasks. Whether it’s on-site alterations of stainless benches for new equipment installations, or mass-producing products, we handle it all. The trend of custom-designed benchwork matching the profile of supplied cooking equipment has given a significant lift to the finish quality of commercial kitchen fit-outs.

CHANNON’s Custom-Made Splashbacks: A Blend of Style and Function

At Channon Refrigeration, we create a wide range of stainless steel splashbacks to suit various requirements. From large commercial kitchens to cosy cafés, we undertake jobs of all scales. Our professional team conducts on-site measurements and installations, ensuring products meet your unique needs.

High-Quality Benches and Sinks: CHANNON’s Excellence

We manufacture and install stainless steel benches and sinks in diverse shapes and sizes. Our skilled tradesmen bring years of experience to ensure a high-quality finish for even the most intricate projects. We can fabricate to your specifications or measure on-site, if required.

Efficient Exhaust Hoods: Catering to All Ventilation Needs

We provide a wide variety of exhaust hoods – from standard honeycomb filters to high-velocity, low-volume type hoods. We are also equipped to fulfil your ventilation needs. From a small café to the largest commercial kitchen, we ensure a cost-effective solution tailored to your requirements.

Channon’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Choosing CHANNON for your stainless steel fabrication needs means choosing a commitment to quality, innovation, and a keen understanding of client requirements. We take pride in each project, bringing our experience, craftsmanship and dedication to the table.

Extending Capabilities to Deliver Excellence

Beyond fabrication, our services encompass project management, design consultation, and after-sales care. We are well-equipped to manage all project disciplines, including coordinating with appropriate subcontractors, thus ensuring an end result that surpasses your expectations.

Pushing Boundaries, Crafting Solutions

In summary, CHANNON has built its solid reputation on five core fundamentals: service, communication, workmanship quality, equipment reliability, and support and affordability. We constantly push boundaries to deliver bespoke, superior solutions in stainless steel fabrication, providing unmatched value to our clients.

With CHANNON, you’re not just choosing a service provider, but a partner that invests in your vision, turning concepts into reality with precision and dedication. Trust in CHANNON and witness the remarkable transformation of your workspace.