Horizon/FOLLETT ice makers use superior engineering to produce nugget ice, saving up to 30% on energy use & 100,000 litres of water per year. Chewblet Ice: Almost 85% of customers interviewed said that they preferred Chewblet ice to cube ice because it is more chewable & its sparkling appearance makes drinks look & taste great. Also available as mini chewblet ice, a perfect alternative to flake ice, which is very easy to work with. Unique to Follett is the ability to pump Chewblet ice up to 20 metres through a tube. This allows for remote installation of the ice machine & the convenience of having ice delivered to where you need it. 3 year parts & labour warranty Popular models are Horizon HCE1000ABT, Horizon HCE1400ABT, FOLLETT 7 Series Ice & Water Dispensers, FOLLETT 12 Series Countertop, FOLLETT 12 Series Countertop with base stand, FOLLETT 25 Series Freestanding, FOLLETT 50 & 100 Series Freestanding, MAESTRO NUGGET & FLAKE ICE MACHINES, FOLLETT VISION, FOLLETT ICE TRANSPORT SYSTEMS, FOLLETT ICE PRO ICE BAGGING SYSTEM

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