Hoshizaki are one of the main providers of Draught Beer, Soft Drink and Frozen Beverage Dispense systems, Ice Machines and professional food service Refrigeration units that Channon’s provide.Hoshizaki Ice Machines come in various sizes and types. You can get your hands on cubed ice or flake ice, whichever suits you the most. Established in 1947 in Nagoya, Japan, Hoshizaki today stands as a pioneer in the ice machines industry, providing unmatched products. Hoshizaki ice machines are available throughout the globe, including but not limited to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia.Hoshizaki ice machines are ideal for home and commercial usage. Anyone looking to buy ice machines of superior quality has Hoshizaki on the top of the list. Hoshizaki is renowned worldwide for offering state of the art ice machines, for anyone anywhere.

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