Bring out your culinary skills with the help of quality commercial kitchen equipment proudly supplied to you by Channon’s. Our commercial cook top range is of high quality and durability perfect for any busy kitchen large or small. This range includes our Waldorf Gas Static Oven range, Gas Deep Fryers, Electric Tilting Bratt Pans and Bench Tops. The Waldorf heavy duty gas range with a static oven comes with six cast iron open burners, a griddle plate option in place of open burners and a drop down door. With a heavy duty construction and a stainless steel exterior, this oven is easy to clean and of easy service. To deliver continuous high volumes of fried food the Waldorf gas fryers employ a state of the art snap action thermostat which is sensitive to + or – 0.5C on set point, improving performance and output. Over temperature safety controls, mechanical or electric, and a comprehensive flame failure safety system are fitted as standard features. Waldorf modular heavy-duty Bratt Pans have been expanded to include 80 litre (900mm wide) and 120 litre (1200mm wide) options in gas or electric. Designed for convenient high capacity batch cooking, all models offer manual or electric pan tilting for easy portion control. Waldorf Blue Seal deep fryers stand tall among others, as they pack in some astounding features that are not found elsewhere. Most of these deep fryers have stainless steel construction along with outstanding safety features. Whether you go for double fryers or the single, they are surely going to last you for a lifetime.Waldorf Blue Seal deep fryers come with capacity of more than 20 litres, both singles and doubles. They also feature non-slip rubber feet to reduce chances of any accidents. Those who are looking forward to sturdy durable deep fryers, Waldorf Blue Seal deep fryers are the way to go.Waldorf oven ranges offer a unique combination of cast iron sole plates, which are capable of providing even heat distribution. These ovens come with a sturdy and reliable drop down door that last longer than most ovens. The cooktop oven in this range is a heavy-duty one with enamel pot stands. There is also extended finger support allowing easy switching of pots and pans from one burner to another. Waldorf oven ranges ovens can generate 28Mj of heat easily.For anyone looking for heavy-duty ovens, Waldorf ovens are ideal.

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