Winterhalter designs and manufactures efficient warewashing systems for the catering and hospitality industry. Channon Refrigeration provides our customers with commercial dishwashing systems by Winterhalter are the best available. We provide our customers with a reliable and effective service, before, during and after sale.Channon’s knows aater is an expensive commodity so we must use it sparingly! We keep our water consumption as low as possible – and the lower the water consumption of the industrial dishwasher, the lower the consumption of washing chemicals and energy. Call Channon’s for a price today.Winterhalter is a brand famous for its outstanding dishwashers and glasswashers. The company is known for making washers for high volumes of cleaning. Moreover, their dishwashers glasswashers are extremely compact yet highly functional, saving space and time. Most of Winterhalter’s dishwasher and glasswashers come with double skinned cabinet and single piece deep drawn wash tank. These wash tanks have radius corners and water purification system to make sure the cleaning is up to the mark. Fully automatic built in water softeners are also present in these washers.

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