Commercial Kitchen Equipment

6 Insider Tips on Choosing the Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment for You

If you’ve just started your commercial kitchen, we’re sure you have your hands full of figuring out things like what kitchen equipment to buy. When it comes to even the most basic commercial kitchen equipment like cooking ovens and ice makers, you know there are tonnes of decisions you have to make here as well.

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What Benefits Do Commercial Ovens Offer?

As mentioned earlier, purchasing the right equipment and appliances can be vital to the fortunes of your restaurant. If you purchase a larger appliance, you will likely find that it does not fit into its designated space. Moreover, you will realise that you have paid more than you should have for an appliance that doesn’t

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Why shop with channon online store?

Cooking equipment is probably the most important and cost intensive part of any commercial kitchen. Every restaurant or catering business owner needs to ensure that the commercial kitchen equipment that they purchase is reliable, durable, and efficient. After all, you would neither want to spent huge sums of money on repairs, nor you would be

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Is leasing or renting commercial cooking equipment a better option?

If you are in the restaurant or catering business, or planning to enter into it, you should be prepared to undertake huge capital investments. The biggest chunk of initial investment goes into purchase of restaurant catering equipment such as commercial grills, commercial blenders, combination ovens, and other commercial cooking supplies. Even if you already own

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Factors to Consider when Purchasing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Eating or dining outside has become an increasingly popular trend these days. A decade or so ago, people only dined outside to celebrate special occasions. In business environments, dining outside meant that you had to entertain a client – whether existing or prospective. Alternatively, it came handy when celebrating corporate milestones or achievements of a

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