Drop-In Heated Ceramic Glass Hotplates


Drop-In Heated Ceramic Glass Hotplates

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Elegance Drop-In Heated Ceramic Glass Hotplates.

From one of Italy’s leading design and manufacturing facilities comes this remarkable quality range of equipment with excellent performance, leading edge style and design.

Drop-In Heated Ceramic Glass Hotplate.

These Italian Hotplates are engineered to keep warm food at the correct temperature in trays, pans or earthenware dishes.

The range consists of 3 models in 800mm, 1125mm and 1455mm lengths, all 700mm deep.

The Ceran hotplate is flush-mounted into the stainless steel top for durability and easier cleaning.

Maximum operating surface temperature of 120°C is adjustable and controlled via a mechanical thermostat.

Careful design and placement of the silicon heating blanket gives even heat across the ceramic glass hot plate, with faster warm up and better economy.

All Drop-in units can be fitted with optional gantries, in light or heat models with single or two-sided glass.