Channon Refrigeration is renowned for delivering an effective and efficient level service and support to all its customers. From humble beginnings Channon Refrigeration now provides Refrigeration Service and Installation Nationally and has also completed installations and service calls internationally in such areas as the Pacific Islands of Fiji and American Samoa.

We lead the way in refrigeration technology changes and have pioneered many of the refrigeration changes in complying with CFC Legislation.

Channon Refrigeration’s original technical service and installation divisions operate around-the-clock nationally with a network of fully qualified technicians to ensure you get the optimum performance out of your refrigeration, be it for hospitality, hotel, restaurant, and club or convenience industries. 30 years on, Channon’s service department remains on the cutting edge of the refrigeration industry.

Channon refrigerated cabinets have now been exported as far away as Dubai, Greece, United Kingdom and Ireland due to their superior engineering for high ambient in the rugged conditions of the Australian climate.

Today’s commercial fridges and freezers are sophisticated units but all have the same purpose – keeping potentially hazardous food and beverage products safe for consumption, extending the shelf life of products and/or enhancing their flavour for the consumer. This is a big ask of any unit, whether it’s a huge bottle shop cold room, a small under-counter bar fridge or a medium size display cabinet to tempt customers. And because refrigerators and freezers are running 24 hours a day every day it can also be an expensive operation. We at Channon use our experience and professionalism to ensure that you, the customer, receive the best advice and product for your requirement. This could mean that we custom build systems and units that will fit their specific requirements and address the concerns that most businesses now express about food safety and hygiene and energy usage. They are equally concerned about good looks of course so this means quality, easy-to-clean HACCP-compliant equipment that is both easy on the eye and on the budget.