Efficient Service & Support

Channon Refrigeration is renowned for delivering an effective and efficient level service and support to all its customers. We have built a solid reputation with our clients over the years with most of our work coming from customer referrals and we believe in open communication and trust and understand that our business can only do well if our customers are 100% satisfied. To this end, Channon Refrigeration has a 24 hour national call centre complete with operators.

The Channon Refrigeration Service Department is very much a hands on operation and has grown into one of the largest Commercial Refrigeration Service companies in Australia. Our original technical service and installation divisions operate around-the-clock nationally with a network of fully qualified technicians to ensure you get the optimum performance out of your refrigeration be it for hospitality, hotel, restaurant, club or convenience industries.


Fully Qualified Refrigeration Mechanics

Channon mechanics are fully trained and qualified Refrigeration Mechanics. They are backed up by being the most highly stocked in equipment for refrigeration and beer plumbing as well as professionally decked out vehicles. Our mechanics are never alone in their tasks of repairing your fault; every Channon Service Mechanic has 24 hour access to Service Managers, Supervisors and Senior Channon Management and is actively encouraged to seek their advice or skills should they or the customer require it.

Channon Refrigeration also has 24 hour access to all key suppliers nationwide allowing you, the customer, to have the confidence in knowing that we can access the largest amount of compressors, condensing units, refrigerant etc in the industry. Many of these suppliers carry dedicated Channon Refrigeration equipment spares. This ensures repair of your equipment is never too far away no matter where in Australia you are.