Channon’s popular brand Hobart is designed to help you address critical industry issues. It supplies equipment in warewashing, cooking equipment and preperation.The Hobart PROFI Series Electronic Hood Type Dishwasher features real benefits for the owner and environment with accurinse rise control, the genious x-2 fine filter system, the e-store hood, and hood insulation. It benefits in superior was performance with Hobart’s nozzle fan and rotor wash system, ecotherm wash temperature control, proof strainer control, and the nonstop water softener. Other features include smartronic controls, the easy lift hood, a self cleaning system, and a 440mm usable chamber height. Hobart dishwashers come fully equipped with state of the art machines and are designed to provide innovative technology and advanced solutions to kitchens, commercial and residential. Hobart’s most famous is the LXe Undercounter which comes with advanced technology and reliability. It is a large dishwasher that is meant to sustain the worst. Hobart also produces smaller dishwashers for those who are looking for compact machines that can do the job.

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