Banquet Cart – 96 Plates
Stainless Steel
Transport Handles & Bumpers
954W x 773D x 1713H

Halo Heat is a controlled, uniform heat source gently surrounding food for better appearance, taste, and longer holding life
Close temperature tolerance and even heat application provides even heat from top to bottom side to side
Holds preplated food fresh, flavourful, and hot
No moisture pans, water or canned heat needed
Designed to adapt to any type of banquet holding including: Covered plates, stacked (accepts trays for banquet service) and Covered or uncovered plate carriers (additional shelves for full-size and half-size GN pans)
Non-magnetic stainless steel interior resists corrosion
Full perimeter, wall-friendly bumper, transport handles, and heavy duty casters provide easy mobility
Adjustable, electronic thermostat with digital display, to monitor inside air temperature
Stainless steel exterior with two (2) dutch doors, and horizontal transport handle on each end of the cart
Cabinet is controlled with an ON/OFF power switch, adjustable, electronic thermostat which includes a heat indicator light, temperature set button, and temperature increase and decrease buttons
The thermostat has a temperature range of 93°C (200°F) to 15°C (60°F) and includes a digital display indicating the air temperature within the cabinet
Four (4) chrome plated wire shelves are included
A full-perimeter, wall-friendly bumper is included, along with four (4) 152 mm heavy duty casters, 2 rigid and 2 swivel with brake

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