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Cafemate 3WBGhi

Norris Cafemate AWC Underbench Commercial Dishwasher

  • The Cafemaster is a compact under bench dishwasher that will handle up to 30cm plates

Norris Conveyor Washer IM200

  • A compact multi-speed conveyor washes up to 130 baskets per hour and is particularly suitable for small to medium kitchens with constant workflow and soil changes

Norris Dishwasher BT2000

  • The Norris BT2000 is a high performance machine that is designed to fit into today‚Äôs compact and busy kitchens

Norris Dishwasher BT700 MK1

  • With specially designed wash system, the BT700 MK1 will not disappoint. With a reputation for reliability, the BT700 MK1 has an abundance of power under the hood to deal with the busiest of kitchens

Norris Dishwasher IM5

  • A compact dishwasher with a useable door height of 35cm making it possible to wash dishes up to 33cm and glasses up to 33.5cm

Norris Glassmate

  • The Glassmate is a tough and reliable glass washer manufactured to operate under the most demanding conditions

Norris Glasswasher BT160GD

  • The BT160GD is best suited in a small cafe that does a mixture of small plates coffee cups

Norris Glasswasher IM17

  • The IM17 will significantly lower your running cost. The electronic control system is based on the ‘one button, one function operation’ which makes operating simple and efficient

Norris Upright Washer IM20

  • Designed for Australian conditions to be an extremely user-friendly and functional pass-through machine