Top 10 tips on acquiring the best commercial catering equipment

The importance of having best quality cooking equipment in a commercial kitchen cannot be emphasised enough. The quality of the food equipment plays a vital role in the quality of food that you serve. Once you have bought high quality catering equipment, you can concentrate on the kitchen operations without having to worry about sudden equipment breakdowns.
In short, it is extremely important that you choose your cooking equipment wisely. After all, you would not want to face frequent breakdowns, or spend huge amounts of money on energy, repair, maintenance, or replacement costs. Here are some tips from our experts on purchasing the best quality cooking equipment in Australia: Consider your current requirements, and factor in the growth plansMay be you are starting with a small 10 table restaurant where you expect to cater to around 50 people at a time, but you plan to expand the business in next 2-3 years. So, make sure that the equipment such as kitchen dishwashers, combination ovens, deep fryers, pizza ovens, and kitchen fridges that you buy now can cater to your future requirements as well. After all, you would not change your kitchen equipment every two years. Decide on a budgetThere is no upper limit to the prices of commercial kitchen equipment. It can range from few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. So, before you go shopping, make sure you have a budget in mind.

Find a trade-off between quality and priceQuality and price are directly proportional. Although you will find the best brands and most sophisticated items in the market, you will have to find a balance between quality and price. Look through various models of Baron oven ranges, cobra oven ranges, Goldstein oven range, and washtec dishwashers, you will certainly find a great piece of equipment in your price range. Make sure all compliances are in placeWhen making a purchase, check that it complies with all Government and local regulations. This is an important step as authorities will check for all compliances during inspection.
Look for practicality and efficiencyFeatures are important, and so is practicality and efficiency. Look for ease of operation and cleaning. See to it that the parts that hold the food are easily removable. Explore all options, conduct online research
Once you know the products that you need to buy, look for them online and compare prices and features. Choose a vendor and work out a long term relationship with him.Warranty and After-sales serviceIf you want to buy peace of mind along with your commercial catering equipment, make sure you buy appliances that come with good warranty and after sales service.
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