What Are the Different Types of Commercial Griddles and Their Uses?

commercial griddles

Commercial griddles are used in restaurants, cafes, and other commercial cooking settings to cook different types of food.


– Flat top griddles: This type of commercial griddle is the most common and versatile commercial griddle. It has a flat surface that is heated by either natural gas or electricity. This texture makes it perfect for cooking various types of meat and vegetables as well as pancakes, French toast, and eggs.

– Wok Griddles: These are mainly used in restaurants that serve Asian cuisines such as sushi or Thai food. They can be found at many Asian grocery stores or online specialty stores. They are designed to use at work tables which enables them to cook food more quickly than if they were being cooked on a flat top griddle.   – Electric Griddles:


A commercial griddle is a large griddle that is used for cooking foods like pancakes and bacon.

There are two types of commercial griddles: electric and gas. Electric griddles are less expensive, but they require a lot of power to operate. Gas has a higher initial cost, but it uses less energy than electricity and the heat lasts longer.

The common uses for a commercial griddle are making breakfast foods like pancakes, french toast, paninis, grilled cheese sandwiches, grilled cheeseburgers, and more!

There are many types of commercial griddles on the market, and it can be confusing to figure out which one will work best for your needs.

There are different types of commercial griddles, depending on what you want it for. Waffle makers are a great option for making delicious waffles while a full-sized grill is better if you’re going to be cooking more than just breakfast food.

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