Is it Better to Rent a Commercial Fridge than to Purchase It Outright?

Not every restaurant owner can afford the costly Baron combination ovens or commercial fridges available in the markets. Hence, purchasing these appliances outright could well be a pipe dream for many such individuals. But, the success of your venture could well hinge on the quality of devices and equipment you’re using. It will take some time for you to make a success of your business. As such, if you were to invest all your capital towards purchasing commercial catering equipment, you could find yourself running at a loss. In this scenario, many commercial kitchen owners explore the option of renting certain kitchen appliances.

Purchasing commercial kitchen equipment will involve a lot of money. In this scenario, if your business does not prosper, you would end up with a lot of equipment and a lower volume of funds. By renting your equipment, you could avoid such an occurrence. This is especially useful if you want to select the best and most luxurious commercial fridge at the outset. Purchasing such a unit when you’re just establishing your business could dent your profits significantly. In contrast, renting this would be much more affordable.

When you rent some commercial catering equipment such as Scotsman ice machines or commercial ovens, you will need to sign a rental agreement. In many cases, the terms of these agreements offer an immense amount of flexibility. As such, you might be able to change or upgrade the equipment at any time within the duration of the lease. For instance, you might initially purchase a small refrigerator when you’re just setting up your business. Some months later, when your customer base increases, you could consider replacing your smaller fridge with a larger one for a nominal increase in cost.

In terms of maintenance, owners of commercial appliances often need to spend a goodly sum of money for keeping their appliances running smoothly. Because they own the equipment, they will need to bear all expenses towards repairing the unit. In contrast, many suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment retain the onus of maintaining their equipment. As such, all you need to do is to keep paying the rent on time. In return, the equipment supplier will keep sending a technician for checking the functioning of the appliance.